As the owner of At Your Service Air Conditioning and Heating, I truly believe that honesty is the best policy. Look, I get enough business and make enough money doing good honest work and giving great customer service. I don’t need to falsify anything or lie to potential customers for anything.

Unfortunately, I’ve come across a lot of unsavory practices being done by other HVAC companies lately. After the hurricane a lot of people needed simple repairs to their air conditioning units, but were being told they need whole new units etc. The truth is you just don’t know the extent of the damage until you have an expert come and look at it. Unfortunately, there are plenty of companies out there who are counting on the fact that you don’t know.

Whenever we get a dire diagnosis in terms of our health, we know we should get a second opinion. After all, nobody wants to go through unnecessary medical treatments, so we want to make sure the diagnosis is absolutely correct. But most people never think to do that with their air conditioning units or other home repairs, and you should.

Here are a couple of stories about some incidents that have happened recently with our customers (names are changed to protect the “guilty”):

Last week I was called out to give a second opinion regarding “ABC company” performing routine maintenance on an air conditioning unit. At the end of the maintenance, the HVAC technician told the homeowner that their compressor was dead and they needed a new unit. Luckily, this customer thought to call us for a second opinion. After looking at the unit, I discovered that the technician had actually bent the arm of the float switch up so the unit would not run on the outside. The homeowner did not need a new unit or compressor. I was able to fix it quite simply and the cost for the fix was minimal compared to a whole new unit. Without a second opinion, this customer would never have known what was really going on and would have spent a lot of unnecessary.

Here’s another great example, and one in which I got the contract for one of my biggest property management companies. The HVAC company they were using prior to us had told them that a compressor was dead on one of their units. They called me in for a second opinion. I found that the previous company had crossed the wires on the compressor in the unit in an attempt to fry that compressor. Again, it was a simple fix for me, I merely put the wires back in their correct position and the unit still works great to this day. The property manager was so impressed, we got the contract and are still working for them.

I don’t know why some other companies feel the need to use these scare tactics, there’s plenty of work out there to make a living in this industry. It’s something we never do here at At Your Service Air Conditioning and Heating. So if you get a company who comes in and tells you that you need to spend thousands of dollars on a whole new unit, call us in for a second opinion. We promise to give you an honest assessment of the situation.

— Matt Wilson, Owner, At Your Service Air Conditioning & Heating
Please contact me directly at 239-565-9433 and let me give you a good, honest second opinion before you make a big investment. You will be glad you did.